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6 Months

I am not a person who likes to track time in life. Time is a tool we have to help with daily functions and productivity, but overall time is insignificant if you are living your life to make a difference. I say that because as hard as I want to ignore the fact that Tyler has been gone 6 months today, I still am in awe for the legacy he left in such a short life. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity raise Tyler. I do not know why God chose me to be his mother, for Tyler I feel has taught me in his lifetime so much more than I could ever have instilled in him. Tyler lived his life with routine and determination. I remember him in the fall after a wedding we attended that he seemed a little anxious after a long day at the event. He said to me, "I had a nice time, but I don't like breaking routine." He lived his life with such introverted grace that he didn't even have social media; that was too much distraction that could potentially take away from his routine, plan, dream and goals. He knew his goals and his duties, and he followed-through day in and out. The picture below is the last picture we have a of him before his death, about 11 days. We were having a small family gathering; his Aunt (my sister) and his cousins were over with their new puppy. After visiting with us for a while and playing with their puppy I took this picture. Want to know what he is doing? You guessed it, going for a run, because Tyler thrived on routine. Positive routine equates to progression and with progression you are ultimately met with success. As time progresses, life does not get easier without Tyler, in fact, each day accumulated hurts more, feels lonelier and rears its ugly head as the most reluctant path a parent never wants to travel in their lifetime. However, I still continue with our family routines, progression with this foundation and hope for future successes to honor Tyler's legacy and rejoice in the lives of his brothers and cousins because of the same introverted grace that Tyler showed me.

I love Tyler, his whole family does and we miss him so very much!

Love, Laura (Tyler's mom)

Pictured above: Tyler, Phillip (Tyler's youngest brother) and Beaux (Tyler's cousin)

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